Daniel Cormier Scoffs At Jon Jones GOAT Talks

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Image Credit: Christian Petersen/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Daniel Cormier could be fighting the final bout of his career on Saturday at UFC 241. With his career possibly coming to a close, the conversation about him being included in the “greatest of all time” for MMA comes up and Cormier feels he should be included. However, when Jon Jones is put in the same conversation Cormier feels Jones should be omitted.

Speaking with TMZ, Cormier said, “I really do believe when you break down the greatest of all time, anyone with any accusation against their name should be omitted.” Cormier likened it to the baseball hall of fame where players that have troubled pasts cannot get into the hall of fame. Cormier said because of Jones past, his name should not be in the conversation about being the greatest of all time.

Cormier also included Anderson Silva, who stepped in on short notice to face him at UFC 200 when Jones was removed from the card three days prior to their fight. While Cormier still believes Silva to be a great fighter, he still said, “If you have anything attached to your name, I think you should be out.”

So who should be in the conversation? “Georges St-Pierre, Demetrious Johnson, and guys like myself,” said Cormier. However, Cormier knows with all the varying points of view in the fight game, the answer will never be clear.

Cormier did address the back and forth between he and Jones recently and while he knows Jones has been trying to bait him into another fight, Cormier said they are both secure in where they stand on a third fight and having it at the appropriate weight class, but the negativity in their history does not make sense to do it a third time.

Do you agree with Cormier?