Daniel Cormier’s Stepfather Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

Image via Daniel Cormier's Instagram account

Former UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier has lost his stepfather.

Cormier broke the news on his Instagram account. Percy Benoit passed away after battling cancer. At the age of seven, Cormier’s biological father was shot and killed. Benoit ended up serving as a father figure for “DC,” and the former UFC “champ-champ” hasn’t been shy in expressing how strong his bond was with Benoit.

Cormier said the following of his stepfather’s passing.

“Today I lost my hero to cancer, my father was the bravest, strongest , hardest working and most caring person I’ve ever known. Always the life of the party and made everyone he ever came in contact with feel good. I never could have imagined we would be going through this right now. All the lessons I wanna try and pass along I learned from my dad. You know its about the legacy we leave behind and my dads legacy will be one of just a great person, loving husband and father and friend to everyone. If you’ve ever met Percy Benoit you’re better for it. We were able to see some amazing things pops and I hope you enjoyed the ride, I only wanted to make you proud. I love you pop, you were the strenght of this family , now you get to rest. No more pain. Love you Dad #rip #cancersucks.”

Cormier has battled through adversity in the past. As mentioned, his biological father was killed in 1986. Cormier also lost his first daughter due to a car accident back in June 2003. Despite the tragedies, Cormier captured the UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight titles to forever have his place in MMA history. MMA News sends our condolences to Cormier and his family.


  1. Poppy's Hammer
    He never truly won the LHW title, everyone knows this. Conor may have been gifted, but at least he beat Aldo then onto Eddie (Although it should've been against RDA).
  2. Mr. Electricity
    Conor got exposed against Diaz in their first fight and lost his mystique. The rematch and lightweight title shot was UFC’s way to please the casual fans and forget that 196 ever happened. They did this with DC by gifting him a title shot to forget about his loss to Jones at UFC 182 and 214.