Darren Till Hits Back At Bullying Claims: You Haven’t Got A Clue

Till: you internet fighters haven’t got a f**king clue

Darren Till
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After posting a sparring video, UFC welterweight Darren Till received huge backlash, with some fans claiming that he’s bullying his sparring partners due to the mismatch in ability.

In the video, Till is shown dominating his sparring partner, hurting his opponent badly on two separate occasions with well placed left hands and hard body shots.

Rounds upon rounds upon rounds @ufceurope

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Methods of training tend to differ from gym to gym. Some gyms prefer to keep hard sparring to a minimum, but some gyms believe that hard sparring is essential when preparing for a fight. Darren Till hit back at claims that his sparring sessions are one-sided by posting a follow-up video. This video shows Till receiving an uppercut from one of his sparring partners.

“For all you dumb c*nts commenting on my previous video talking shit, saying that it’s bullying. Giving my training partner sh*t saying he is not worthy to be in there with me! We had a good few rounds together were he gave me a smack and I gave him one, it was a hard day and I feel I have it my all and that previous video was a good clip of me landing some shots. All you internet fighters haven’t got a f**king clue so stick to internet fighting and leave the real fighting to us! Here is a video which I posted last December of me taking a smack! I post when I’m hitting and I post when I’m taking a smack, so keep talking sh*t! #InternetFighters#HaventGotAFuckingClue,”

Darren Till takes on Stephen Thompson in his hometown of Liverpool, England in the main event of UFC Fight Night 130 at the Echo Arena.

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