Darren Till Discredits Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s MMA Aspirations

Till is not happy with Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s recent comments

Darren Till
Image Credit: Getty Images

Much has been said about Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s potential move to MMA, but UFC #7 welterweight Darren Till believes that Mayweather’s outlandish claims show huge disrespect for the sport of mixed martial arts.

“Floyd is the best boxer I’ve seen in my whole life, but don’t disrespect the sport I do. You’re disrespecting it by saying you’re a 7 out of 10 in wrestling”

Till has admitted that he respects Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a boxer, proclaiming that Mayweather is the best boxer that he has ever seen, but believes that Mayweather would struggle massively to even beat the smallest woman in the UFC.

“From the smallest girl in the UFC to the heaviest man, it’s impossible for him to win a fight. He won’t win a single fight. The people who want to crossover to MMA are clowns.”

“I’d love to slap my left leg across his chin and just take him out.”

He continued, “What was Floyd doing in that clip? He was walking in with his chin in the air. I’d love to slap my left leg across his chin and just take him out. I’ll never disrespect him as a boxer, but that stuff disrespects what I do and what my teammates do.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not the only well-known boxing figure who has teased a crossover to MMA, Mayweather Jr.’s protégé Gervonta Davis has also caused a huge uproar with this recent tweet.

Darren Till didn’t leave Gervonta Davis out in his grilling of crossover boxers.

“What does Gervonta think he’s going to do? Leave boxing and come straight to the UFC? I wish I was in his weight class. It’s not boxing, it’s different. You can’t put a glove up to an elbow and you can’t stop a submission. I take offence to it.”

It’s clear from Till’s comments that he takes huge offence to their recent actions. There are mixed reactions surrounding Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s attempts to compete in the UFC. Some people see Floyd’s actions as disrespectful and clueless, but others truly believe that the most successful boxer in recent history could have a shot inside The Octagon.

Do you believe that boxers should cross over to MMA?