Darren Till Says His Next Fight Will ‘Probably’ Be At Middleweight

Darren Till UFC Liverpool
Image Credit: Per Haljestam of USA TODAY Sports

Darren Till has been contemplating a move to the middleweight division and he might be closer to making the move than ever before.

Till has a history of issues tipping the scales. “The Gorilla” failed to make the 170-pound limit ahead of his bout with Jessin Ayari. He also missed weight for his bout with Stephen Thompson. While Till was able to hit his target weight for bouts with Tyron Woodley and Jorge Masvidal, many believe the sixth-ranked UFC welterweight would be best served at 185 pounds.

Till Says Middleweight Move Is Possible

BT Sport caught up with Till. When asked about a potential move to middleweight, Till said the chances are high (via MMAJunkie.com).

“Most probably, yeah,” Till said. “Like, I think it’s important to implement a few other, like I say, tweaking, and I’ve been lifting a little bit, just a tiny bit. As I say, I’ve been improving my nutrition and other things by 5 percent. I’m ready to go in four weeks for the fight. No one trains like me, they just don’t. I know they don’t.”

Last month, Till told Jim Edwards of Fighters Only the following (via MMAJunkie.com).

“I do have to think about them things. I wouldn’t be small at 185. I’d be right in the mix in there with them guys. The great guy, the interim champ Israel (Adesanya) is a great fighter. The champ (Robert Whittaker) is a good fighter. There’s a few beasts. The one guy who is a scary guy is Yoel (Romero).”