Exclusive Interview With Undefeated Amateur Prospect Erion Zekthi Ahead Of His Pro Debut

Erion Zekthi is an undefeated amateur who holds the MMA world in the palm of his hand. At this point he is hours away from his professional debut. Radiating the confidence of a 15 year veteran, ready to put his stamp on the MMA world. At only 23 years old, Erion believes he is already behind schedule and if it weren’t for a car accident. He would already be an undefeated 3-0 MMA fighter. With multiple divisions on his mind, Erion Zekthi is doing everything possible to become a dominant multi weight juggernaut.

Erion did not hold back when it came to his thoughts on his opponent. “…I did my research. He was 9-1 as an amateur against some guys that I’ve never heard of. Even his professional record. If you look at the guys he’s beaten. Half the guys he’s beaten are like 0-4 or 5-12 or some ugly record. The only real, legitimate win Trevors got is a cut from some Mexican guy who has a 6-1 record. IN my eyes Trevor has a padded record. He is not as good as people think he is. I’m going to destroy this guy September 9th. Really I am…”

Listen to the full interview with Erion to hear how he thinks he will win his professional MMA debut, what he is doing to promote the early detection of breast cancer, and why he decided to start training in Mixed Martial Arts. Watch Erion make his professional debut this Friday September 9th at Shamrock FC 275 in St. Louis, MO.