Derrick Krantz ready to steal the attention of Dana White at LFA 63

Derrick Krantz
Image Credit: Legacy Fighting Alliance

Derrick Krantz understands that Dana White may be in attendance to scout someone else, but he still plans on stealing the show.

Derrick Krantz is only 31 years old but Friday night will be his 34th professional MMA fight. As a soon to be fellow 31 year old I can assure you that 31 is not old at all in the grand scheme of life, but fighting is a bit different. Krantz talked about finally realizing just how long he has been doing this.

“That’s funny. Matter of fact. I wanna say last week I was talking to my coaches and I realized I spent my whole 20’s. My whole era of being 20 cutting weight, getting punched in the face, and following a dream…. It just surprised me, hit me, just how fast it went. People talk about how their 20’s were and my 20’s were nothing but head clonking and starving and cutting weight. I mean that in itself was a blast, but it just happened too fast.”

Krantz has fought some of the biggest names in the sport. A laundry list of UFC and Bellator fighters. This wasn’t by mistake and is something Krantz has always been proud of.

“I’ve always found myself being called out by all the bad asses and I don’t know why. It just happened that way. I’ve never been shy. I’ve never not taken a fight. That’s just how my career ended up. I’ve made some pretty bad decisions, but I’ve also made some good ones. They are just things I can reflect on and learn from. I look back at it now, the fighter I am today. I wouldn’t be nothing like it if I didn’t go through all those wars. I’m glad where I’m at.”

Listen to the full interview to hear Krantz talk about having Dana in the crowd, more stories about his career, and what his thoughts are on his opponent Justin Patterson.

Derrick Krantz fights Justin Patterson at LFA 63 in Belton, TX Friday night LIVE on AXS TV. With Dana White in attendance the card is sure to be filled with surprises. Stick with for the latest.