Derrick Lewis’ Hand Possibly Broken, Wife Sex Ban Repealed

Derrick Lewis says
Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

It’s been an up-and-down last few days for Derrick Lewis. While he scored an impressive 3rd round knockout in Austin Saturday night, he may have broken his hand in the process. Even worse, though, he is reportedly too banged up to keep good on promises he made during his now famous post-fight interview from the weekend.

Lewis had informed media recently that his wife, April, had hit him with a sex ban following comments the heavyweight made regarding Ronda Rousey in a previous post-fight speech. He expressed his desire to win on Saturday so he could buy her something nice and hopefully end the ban.

Well, he won his fight and the ban has been lifted but he’s a little too banged up to make good on his post-fight promises.

Derick Lewis is Too Banged Up

April informed TMZ reporters recently that Lewis is a little too banged up at the moment to celebrate the end of her ban.

“The ban is over. I’ve been trying to get him all day, but he’s tired,” April told reporters.

“I don’t got it in me, man — I’m hurtin’ … I can’t put in a half-assed performance, lay there like a starfish,” Derrick chimed in.

Derrick Lewis’ Broken Hand

Lewis might not only be on the injured list regarding his marital obligations, however. If his hand is broken as he believes it to be, Lewis will be out 6-8 weeks.

“I haven’t got X-rays on it or anything yet, but I just feel like it’s broken,” Lewis said. “I’m waiting on the UFC right now. They’re supposed to give me a doctor close by to see and get X-rays and hopefully get a cast,” he continued.

Lewis also explained why he’s hoping to get his hand dealt with as soon as possible.  “Hopefully before this weekend because I want to go to the rodeo for the cook-off. Before they start the rodeo, I’m going to be a guest judge; a celebrity guest judge for all the food and stuff.”