Diego Sanchez Rips Darren Till For ‘Weak Ass’ Post-UFC 244 Comments

Diego Sanchez
Image Credit: Getty Images

Many have praised Darren Till for his honesty, but Diego Sanchez has a completely different stance.

Till is coming off a split decision victory over Kelvin Gastelum. It was a tough spot to be in for “The Gorilla,” who was coming off back-to-back finishing losses in a lower weight class. With the win over Gastelum, however, he could very well be just one impressive win away from a title shot at middleweight.

Diego Sanchez Blasts Darren Till Over Comments

After UFC 244, Till admitted he doubted himself and was “terrified” before his bout with Gastelum. “The Gorilla” discussed thinking about faking an injury and said that every fighter questions himself or herself before a bout. Sanchez didn’t take to kindly to those comments in a social media response to Ariel Helwani (via MMAJunkie.com).

“Every fighter?! this be some number one (expletive)!!!! Maybe he is coming from some money or something! All the work! decades! to finally get some real money! Fake a injury I’m sorry Ariel but don’t butter till up like this is cool to get a good interview! @platinummikeperry what you think p*ssy (expletive) or p*ssy (expletive)? Match him up with @yoelromeromma and he really is gonna fake a injury!! Sorry guy I just can’t relate to this weak ass (expletive).”