Dominick Reyes Feels “Moral Obligation” to Beat Jon Jones

Dominick Reyes
Image Credit: John W. McDonough /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Dominick Reyes is one of the fast-rising names in the new-look light heavyweight division who has been pegged as a potential future opponent for Jon Jones. If that bout does materialize in the future, Reyes already has quite a head start on building a storyline and potential rivalry between the two with some explosive comments on why he is motivated to be the man to defeat Jon Jones, and it goes far beyond the spirit of competition:

“That’s the dream. Who doesn’t want to be the guy to take out Jon Jones?” Reyes told ESPN. “I’m a clean athlete. I’ve been fighting clean my whole life. I’ve been drug-tested since college all the time.

“When I get there, it’s not going to be just for me. It’s going to be for all of the clean athletes out there and all of the straight guys who get passed over for the dirty guys because he’s on top right now. I feel a moral obligation to the people who do things right.”

It is no secret that Jon Jones has had a controversial history with drug tests. Jones has turned out multiple positive tests at this point, and though independent arbitration have publicized that there was never any intentional use by Jon Jones and USADA and independent scientists have stated the most recent string of positive tests are not a case of re-administration, the positive tests have irrevocably stained Jones’s reputation in the eyes of many, and Dominick Reyes has now made it widely known that he is one of those people:

“You take steroids, you’re a cheater. Period,” Reyes argued. “There’s no gray area with me. Did you take steroids? Yes? Then you’re a cheater. It’s in your nature to cheat,” Reyes continued. “He’s considered one of the greatest ever. If I can be the guy who beats him, that’s part of my legacy. That’s legendary status.”

What are your thoughts on Dominick Reyes’s hard-hitting comments regarding Jon Jones?