Dominick Reyes Hopes ‘Liability’ Jon Jones Shows Up To Fight Him

Dominick Reyes
Image Credit: John W. McDonough /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Dominick Reyes doesn’t appear to be sold on a bout with Jon Jones being a lock.

Jones, who holds the UFC light heavyweight championship, took to Twitter to announce that he has his sights set on Reyes as his next title challenger. Reyes is coming off a first-round TKO victory over former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

Reyes Sees Barrier In Jones Fight

Despite the fact that Jones said he wants to fight him, Reyes told that he isn’t sold on the bout being set in stone just yet.

“I wasn’t really surprised,” Reyes said. “I was like all right, now we’ve just got to get a contract. I live my life step-by-step. It was like beat [Chris] Weidman, check. Get Jones to fight you, all right cool. Now actually sign the contract. That’s the next step. It’s another little barrier I’m getting over.

“I don’t really celebrate until after the fight, especially with this guy. I hope he makes it to the fight. It’s a big concern of mine. This guy’s a liability. So we’ll see.”

Reyes is referring to Jones’ past mishaps. This includes being yanked from his planned 2015 bout with Anthony Johnson, and failing a drug test ahead of UFC 200 where he was supposed to meet Daniel Cormier.

Do you think Dominick Reyes has a legitimate concern?