Eddie Alvarez Keeps His Promise to “Walking Miracle” Irishman in Hospital

Eddie Alvarez
Image Credit: Getty Images/ Maddie Meyer

When friends of a hospitalized Irishman hit by a car in Philadelphia reached out to Eddie Alvarez for support, the former UFC lightweight champ answered their call

Aaron Elliot, a Gaelic football player from Tyrone in Ireland, was hit by a car in Philadelphia the day of Mayweather vs. McGregor (Aug. 26).

Elliot was severely injured following the impact and taken to a hospital in the city. Friends of Elliot, in a bid to relieve the burden of medical expenses, reached out to two of the city’s biggest stars in former boxing world champion Danny Garcia and former Bellator and UFC champ Alvarez in order to draw attention to their gofundme campaign (which you can donate to by clicking the link).

Alvarez, having responded to the tweet he was tagged in, offered to visit Elliot in the hospital and stuck to his word:

Alvarez wrote: Finally got a chance to go see Aaron Elliot , this kids a walking miracle and testimony to pure Will and toughness

The gofundme page aims to raise enough money to pay for hospital bills incurred as a result of Elliot’s injuries:

“Aaron was found unresponsive without a pulse [at the scene of the accident],” according to the aforementioned GoFundMe page. “With the help of the local police department, who provided CPR until the paramedics arrived, he started to breathe while still unconscious. He was taken to Abington Memorial Hospital where he was rushed in for emergency surgery because he suffered a severe compound fracture leaving the elbow shattered. Once this was cleaned and covered, he was taken to the neuro critical care unit (surgical trauma) where he stills remains. Because of a blood clot, leak in the brain, and a fractured skull, he was placed under high sedation. Initially, after a number of CT scans and speaking to various doctors and surgeons, it was found the bleeding got worse leaving him in extreme critical condition.”

The campaign has raised just under $49,000 at the time of writing. You can donate to Aaron Elliot’s cause here.

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