Eryk Anders ready to ‘throw bombs’ against Khalil Rountree at UFC 236

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Eryk Anders believes he will need to weather an early storm, but confident he can finish his fight against Khalil Rountree

Eryk Anders remains confident as he prepares for his seventh fight inside the UFC’s Octagon. For the second time in three fights Anders is bumping up to light heavyweight. Previously fighting, now title contender, Thiago Santos on six days notice in Brazil last September. Anders is happy to be a company man and fight anyone at seemingly any weight.

“Man I get in where I fit in. This is just the first fight that was offered to me so middleweight, light heavyweight, ya know I’m down to take a heavyweight fight as well. Whatever name comes across that contract. I’ll sign it and we’ll get in there and do the thing.”

Being outspoken and a trash talker seems like the best way, outside of winning, for a fighter to get exposure. Anders understands why people do it, but doesn’t let any of it get to him.

“No, I don’t have any feelings in this sport… The thing is they all say they are trying to sell the fight, but if you really wanna sell a fight then go knock a motherfucker out. You know? Go submit somebody. Go finish somebody. That’s how you sell a fight. That’s how people wanna see you fight. Saying stupid stuff on twitter, that doesn’t sell a fight. Nobody cares about that. In a previous fight if you knock somebody out they want to see you do it again. They see you havea dominant performance they want to see you do it again. I think, my personal opinion, if you want to sell a fight then have a dominant performance the fight before and people will wanna see you fight.”

Listen to the complete interview and hear Anders talk about his setbacks in 2018, what shows he is watching right now on Netflix, and his prediction for his fight against Khalil Rountree.

Eryk Anders fights at UFC 236 on Saturday, April 13, 2019, live from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Stick with MMANews for all your fight analysis and result needs.