Floyd Mayweather vs. CM Punk Is “The Fight to Make” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan argues that pitting retired boxer Floyd Mayweather against former professional wrestler CM Punk is the fight to make in the UFC right now

Floyd Mayweather and CM Pun

If Floyd Mayweather ever seriously decides to crossover into mixed martial arts, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has the perfect opponent for him.

Rogan believes that a showdown between Mayweather and former WWE superstar CM Punk is a money fight that the UFC would be foolish to pass up on assuming the retired boxer actually wants to try his hand at MMA.

Mayweather has been teasing a potential move over into MMA for several months with most suspecting that he would be angling for a rematch against Conor McGregor after the two fighters boxed in a highly lucrative match last year.

Rogan argues that Mayweather would stand no chance against a fighter the caliber of McGregor but he might have a better shot against a novice like CM Punk.

“It’s the only fight to make for Floyd cause Conor will literally kill him.” ~ Joe Rogan on Mayweather vs. CM Punk

“I think that’s the fight to make,” Rogan said about Mayweather vs. Punk. “I don’t know if it will ever happen but I think if it ever does happen, it happens on its own individual card. You put a kick ass card underneath it but I don’t know if you put like a UFC 200 size kick ass card underneath it.

“It’s the only fight to make for Floyd cause Conor will literally kill him. It wouldn’t be fair. It’s not fair. People would understand the difference between Conor boxing Floyd where he got clearly outclassed but he hit him. Floyd’s not going to do anything [to Conor]. It’s going to be awful.”

While the likelihood that the fight happens still seems remote, Rogan still likes the idea if Mayweather ever actually considers a move into mixed martial arts.

As for Punk, he’s been teasing his comeback for a while now with rumors swirling that he may fight at UFC 225, which takes place in his hometown of Chicago.

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  1. I don’t understand how this would be a big thing? Neither have ever showed any beef with each other. CM Punk, I doubt would talk much trash for it… Doesn’t sound like a fans dream matchup to me.

  2. that’s an ignorant match up… Mayweather wouldn’t stand a chance against Connor in MMA….. Yet everyone said Connor wouldn’t stand a chance against Mayweather in boxing….. So let’s dumb it down and make it easy for the black man??? Give me a break.. if he want to get into MMA, Do it the same way Connor went into Boxing as a champion.. Is Mayweather not the best boxer… alright then.. Not racism, but why is it O.K for Connor to fight the best ever, yet Mayweather to be given a handout fight… Pure idiocy.

  3. It will be very competitive match if it happens. Mayweather will have a legit striking because of his boxing, on the other hand CM Punk trains for 4 years BJJ and he can finish the fight if they go to the ground. The boxing fans and pro wrestling fans they will buy

    the PPV for sure.

  4. I get this matchmaking from the standpoint that it’s two guys who have basically 0 experience in MMA, but the thing that BOGGLES my mind is how CM Punk is now viewed as a fighter when we talk about Floyd. Anybody else and it’s Punk isn’t a fighter. A big name boxer comes in and all of a sudden, “oh this would be close, they have equal fighting experience, fighting abilities, etc.”…..NO. Just plain NO. Now, STOP it lol. Floyd is one of the best fighters of all-time, stand-up only sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable that CM Punk is a better wrestler than him and that if he gets him down it’s inevitable he’ll win. He’s an aging pro wrestler with tons of miles on his body, tons of injuries, and a way too late start in a legitimate athletic sports career. Floyd if nothing else has a GOOFY advantage standing (where the fight starts and stays until Punk does something to change that) and a RIDICULOUS advantage when it comes to athleticism, fight IQ, etc. and so on. Floyd murders Punk via brutal KO if that fight ever gets put together.

  5. does Rogan realize CM punk is 6’2 and should probably fight at 185 and Floyd is 5’8 and should fight at 145? not even close in size. I think Joe was hitting the joint a little too hard.

  6. Punk would get beat if Floyd came in at 140 and Punk came in at 180… Because he is way too fast for Punk. Conor would destroy him… Punk… not thinking so. i think Punk would get his ticket punched.

  7. Maybe yes, but Punk is much larger and i am sure is better than Floyd in the ground, so both have their own advantages to win. Let’s be honest both fighters are not UFC level so this fight it will be good for both. And i am sure that everyone will be curious to see this fight between the “pro wrestler” and the “boxer” in mma rules.


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