Frankie Edgar Willing to Face Conor McGregor at Any Weight Class

Frankie Edgar Conor McGregor

Frankie Edgar caught wind of Conor McGregor mentioning his name as a potential return match up that makes sense. McGregor mentioned Edgar’s name when he was on ESPN to address the video of him striking an older man in April. After he spoke about what happened and told his side of things when he was asked about returning to the cage, he mentioned a few options for opponents and one was Frankie Edgar.

Edgar recently announced he will be moving down to the bantamweight division, but when word got to him he was one the fights McGregor has interest in, he responded on social media over the weekend. “You know I’m down to fight,” Edgar wrote. He said he is still going to follow through and continue his bantamweight pursuit, “but for you, any weight class will do,” Edgar wrote to McGregor.

“It should have happened a long time ago.”

Frankie Edgar

Edgar is a former UFC lightweight champion and has fought for the featherweight title three times, twice against Jose Aldo and most recently against Max Holloway at UFC 240. All three attempts at a featherweight title were met with losses by decision but Edgar proved he makes for a nice challenge in both divisions McGregor has held titles in.

McGregor’s interest in Edgar is because he sees him as a similar fighter to Khabib Nurmagomedov, who will be fighting Dustin Poirier at UFC 242 next week. McGregor also said he wanted to see how that fight turns out before making any announcements on a return, likely by the end of 2019. With Edgar interested, maybe he won’t focus on waiting to see what happens at UFC 242.

In the meantime, Edgar will likely focus on moving down to 135 pounds in a healthy way, but getting the weight back up should not be too hard if welcoming McGregor back to MMA is on the table.

How do you think a fight between Edgar and McGregor would go?