From Reality TV To Real Estate: Exclusive Interview With Chris Leben

For over 12 years Chris Leben was loved, loathed, and known worldwide as “The Crippler.” A man who wore his emotions on his sleeve. Fought with reckless abandonment and a kill or be killed attitude. Putting on some of the most memorable fights in the UFC’s history. That part of his life is now over. Since retiring in January of 2014 Leben has been working to find himself. In this exclusive interview we talk about the high’s and lows that have gone on over the last two and a half years.

Chris has always been known for his crazy antics and party boy lifestyle. Now, almost a full year sober, Chris is learning to deal with some of the consequences of living that way for so long. Ruining any chance of a comeback and putting life as a whole in perspective for the 36 year old fighter. “…As far as my heart goes, the doctor said right now, there is basically a one to three percent chance it will just stop working in the next year. Ya know. So and I’m like jeeze. What was it like when it was at 18% (left ventricle functionality)? If now it’s one to three? It’s moving in the right direction…”

Just like his heart condition, Leben seems to have his life moving in the right direction. Listen to the full interview to hear Chris talk about his thoughts on Hendo v.s. Bisping 2, what Team Quest was like in the beginning, what it was like opening up in his book, and much more. Love him. Hate him. It doesn’t matter. “The Crippler” will always be one of the most important fighters to ever step foot in the Octagon.