Gennady Golovkin Does a 180 on Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor Boxing Match


Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, one of the biggest names in boxing, sees no benefit for the sport of boxing in Conor McGregor facing Mayweather Jr.

The WBC, IBF, and IBO Middleweight champion, and boxing boogieman Golovkin has no interest in seeing 49-0 living legend Mayweather and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor face off. Golovkin opines that it is merely a commercial venture, indicating that it holds no appeal for fans of “the sweet science”. Furthermore, the Kazakh wrecking ball feels that Mayweather would find the bout an easy stepping stone to a record of 50-0 inside the ropes:

“It’s not too much interest for this fight because it’s a commercial fight, a businesses fight. It’s not boxing, it’s just very good for Floyd’s record,” Golovkin told ESPN’s First Take.

The middleweight colossus feels that Conor McGregor has no chance against “Money”. When asked how the Irishman would fare, Golovkin was bluntly honest:

 “Maybe 100-percent [In Mayweather’s favor],” said “GGG”.

Golovkin is one of the most avoided boxers on the planet, due to his explosive knockout power and ability to cut off the ring before inflicting heavy damage upon his opponents. Although he is currently heading towards a fight with WBA (regular) middleweight titleholder Daniel Jacobs at Madison Square Garden on 18th March, the “Baby Faced Assasin” has his eyes on dragging Floyd Mayweather Jr. out of retirement at some point later this year.

While the popular consensus seems to favor a Mayweather Jr. victory over his potential MMA-superstar opponent in the ring, the comments which “GGG” made to ESPN recently could be interpreted as suspect, when compared to a previous statement on the bout last year while speaking with TMZ Sports:

“A little bit difficult for Conor. I respect him and he’s a great athlete and a great UFC fighter. A little bit different, boxing and UFC. Everybody has chance. I think Conor, he has a lot of chance.”

A very different opinion indeed…