Georges St-Pierre Says Chael Sonnen’s Weigh-in Proposal is “Very Smart”

Georges St-Pierre says UFC 217 Weigh-in
Image via Weigh-in Video

Georges St-Pierre says Chael Sonnen has a solid proposal for weigh-ins.

St-Pierre always walked around 185, 186 pounds when he ruled the roost at welterweight. “Rush” did have to cut weight, but it wasn’t as drastic as some other fighters such as Anthony Johnson who was once a 170-pounder. For newer fans, it’s hard to believe considering how jacked “Rumble” is these days. Johnson was last seen competing in the light heavyweight division.

Georges St-Pierre Says Chael Sonnen’s Weigh-in Proposal is “Very Smart”

We’ve seen many fighters miss weight recently or even pull out of fights when weight cutting had gotten out of hand. St-Pierre recently appeared on Submission Radio and said Sonnen has the best solution for those issues (via

“(Sonnen) proposed to do a weigh-in the day of the fight. So what he proposes, basically – we have weigh-in the night before the fight, like we normally do. But now, because the weigh-in is in the morning, people say, ‘Oh, I have more time to recuperate,’ so they try to cut more weight. And it’s sad to say, but sometimes I’m thinking, ‘Are we going to wait (for) someone (to) die out there to change things?’ I mean, it’s ridiculous. So what Chael’s proposed is very smart.”

Many fighters have spoken out over weight cutting issues. Kevin Lee, who recently missed weight for the first time in his professional mixed martial arts career, said that the decision makers are just waiting for someone to die before doing anything. Dominick Cruz even said that Mackenzie Dern was basically cheating for missing weight by a large margin ahead of her bout with Amanda Cooper. Then there’s Darren Till, who is getting a title shot despite missing weight by 3.5 pounds for his bout with Stephen Thompson.

Do you think Chael Sonnen’s proposal would help reduce the amount of bad weight cuts?