Gleidson DeJesus Says he Won’t Allow Edir Terry to Take Away His UFC Dream (Exclusive)

Gleidson DeJesus
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Gleidson DeJesus is fighting to keep his dream alive.

DeJesus knows the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the pinnacle of mixed martial arts (MMA). For every fight he has outside the UFC, DeJesus knows the margin for error is slim. At Titan FC 44 on May 19, DeJesus will meet Edir Terry in a crucial bantamweight bout for both men.

Speaking with‘s Tim Thompson, DeJesus is expecting to have a breakthrough performance:

“I fought two of his teammates in the past, which he cornered both of them. So he kinda knows how I fight. I know he’s tough, but he knows I’ve got the skills to beat him. Though I’m sure he’s training his butt off. I think this will be one of the best performances I’ve had in my career. Because he’s gonna bring that out of me. He’s gonna bring the dog out of me.”

DeJesus intends on making it to the UFC and plans on mowing down anyone who gets in his way, including Terry.

“The way I feel like this fight is gonna go is I will bring all my skillsets to this kid. I’m just gonna outclass him. I know I’m better, I know I train with the best guys. I feel like if I go to the ground I can submit him. If I stand up, I can knock him out. I’m at the point in my career where I’m not taking this lightly. I’m taking this 100 percent or more because this is my life. This is all I wanted to do and no one is gonna take this next step to the UFC away from me.”

You can listen to the rest of the interview below: