GSP Says Tony Ferguson Deserves UFC Lightweight Title Shot Next

Georges St-Pierre GSP
Image Credit: Jon P. Kopaloff / Getty Images Sport / Getty

Georges St-Pierre is all for seeing Tony Ferguson get the next UFC lightweight title shot.

Riding a 12-fight winning streak and having not lost a bout since May 2012, fight fans and media members alike have pegged Ferguson as the most deserving lightweight title contender. Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager has been stirring the pot, saying that he’d prefer “The Eagle” to fight St-Pierre next.

GSP Gives Tony Ferguson His Due

Speaking to Helen Yee of the Las Vegas Sports Network, St-Pierre said that Ferguson should be next in line for Nurmagomedov (via

”100% Tony Ferguson,” he said. “And it’s going to be a good fight. I’m a big fan. I don’t know [who’ll win]. It all depends who’s going to fight their fight. Tony likes a dirty fight with elbows and knees, that’s his style. Khabib likes to control guys when he’s on the floor with his top game. It all depends how it goes down, styles make fights and it’s hard to predict.”

St-Pierre went on to say that he’s enjoying retirement. With that said, he wouldn’t rule out a return if the UFC has something that catches his eye.

”I’m retired, and retired for a reason,” St-Pierre said. “If anything comes up, the UFC knows where to find me but right now I’m good where I’m at. I can’t complain, life is beautiful.”

Sound off in the comments, MMA News readers. Do you think the UFC will give Tony Ferguson the next lightweight title opportunity? Will someone else swoop in to get the shot?