Humberto Bandenay Reflects on His Father’s Support of UFC Dream

Humberto Bandenay
Image Credit: Dave Mandel of

Humberto Bandenay will never forgot the amount of support his father showed him before passing away.

Back in August, Bandenay had a highlight reel knockout win over Martin Bravo. It was Bandenay’s Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut. His father, who had been sick in Peru died before he could see his son’s debut.

During a recent interview on, Bandenay talked about his dad supporting his goal of making it big in the United States:

“I was very sad not being able to see my dad. He was my No. 1 fan. We’ve always been very close. It was my goal to make it to the UFC – and, just as important to me, it was his goal to see me make it to the UFC, too. I knew that it’s what my dad wanted, and I know he was there with me in the octagon.”

He went on to talk about what keeps him motivated through all the bad times.

“My training and experience helped me stay focused throughout the experience. I knew this was an opportunity that I had been waiting for, and nothing was going to stop me. I know my dad was with me, and I wanted nothing more than to win for him.”

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