Ilir Latifi Out-Wrestles Tyson Pedro For Unanimous Decision Win

Photo Credit: MMA Junkie

Round 1:

Pedro opens things up with a front kick to the body followed by a leg kick. Another leg kick for Pedro and he locks up with Latifi for a brief moment before the pair break up. Another leg kick from Pedro but it’s caught and Latifi is in on a takedown now against the cage. Latifi gets it down and gets right into the north-south position. After a scramble Pedro gets up to his feet and the pair disengage. Another front kick is caught and Latifi throws a hook that just misses. A high-kick from Pedro is again caught, allowing Latifi to get the takedown as he slides into side control.

Pedro smartly switches things to north-south and gets up yet again. Latifi stays on Pedro and is in on a takedown against the cage, as Pedro fires off elbows to Latifi’s skull in defense. The round comes to an end with a missed high-kick from Pedro.

Round 2:

Pedro misses a leg kick to open the round. Latifi shoots into the pocket and rips off a good few power shots that Pedro takes well. Pedro is unable to find his range on his jab put just barely clips Latifi with a front kick to the face. A body kick lands for Pedro and Latifi responds with a leg kick. Another hard body shot lands for Latifi, who follows it up with a hard shot inside the pocket. A big uppercut lands for Latifi, who bulldozes his way inside for a takedown attempt against the cage. Latifi gets a powerful takedown and proceeds to throw ground-and-pound on Pedro against the cage.

Some big shots land from Latifi, who continues to clinch up Pedro as he gets back up to his feet against the cage. The round comes to an end with Pedro defending against Latifi who is pressuring him against the cage.

Round 3:

Pedro opens the round looking for a jab. A leg kick lands for Pedro but Latifi immediately backs him off by pushing forward with some hard shots. Another front kick is briefly caught by Latifi and Pedro throws a few low calf kicks that hurt Latifi a bit. A right hook lands for Latifi before throwing an uppercut and hook that stuns Pedro. Both men are sucking in wind hard but Latifi continues to land hard shots before shooting in on a takedown and getting Pedro down.

Latifi lays down inside Pedro’s full guard for around two minutes, landing shots, before time expires.

Official Result: Ilir Latifi def. Tyson Pedro via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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