Rivera On Potential Garbrandt Fight: “I’ll Beat Him With One Eye, I Did It To His Coach Already”


Jimmie Rivera is the #6 ranked fighter in the UFC’s Bantamweight division. Last Tuesday Jimmie went to sleep ready to fight the companies #5 ranked Bantamweight Bryan Caraway at UFC Fight Night 103 at the Talking Stick Arena on the following Sunday. By the time he laid his head down the next night shit had hit the proverbial fan.

Rivera spent some time with Tim Thompson and Josh Stephens on this week’s episode of the MMANews Podcast powered by Pony Keg Sports and explained why he said what he said, did what he did, and what people need to know about the divisions most polarizing person right now. In typical Jersey fashion, he holds nothing back and lays into every top guy in the division. Explaining how no one in the division has anything for him and why he is the ONLY choice for Cody Garbrandt’s first title defense.

“…Then you got these 3 guys. Listen Cody beat Cruz. Cruz beat Dillashaw. What is there a trifecta? They want to do soap opera bullshit with Dillashaw and Cruz, I mean Dillashaw and Cody. ‘O their ex-teammates’. Nah man. Dillashaw he ain’t good. He punches like a girl. I already know. I sparred him already. If you don’t believe me, I got the footage, it’s in my phone. Then Cruz. Cruz had a hard fight against Faber. I walked through Faber. It only makes sense to fight Cody. That’s it. That’s what makes sense. Go in there and take the belt away from him. That’s it, because I’m the better fighter.”

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