Exclusive Interview With Headliner Andre Harrison Ahead Of Titan FC 41 On UFC Fight Pass

For many different reasons, those most deserving, aren’t always in the UFC. Sometimes fighters have to spend years in other pro organizations. Proving over and over again that they have what it takes and that they are ready to answer when called upon. The next “Top” prospect, the long time veteran, fighting anyone and everyone to prove you belong in the sports top organization. Andre “The Bull” Harrison has done that for almost 5 years. Posting a 13-0 record and hoping that with an impressive win over Alexandre Bezerra on September 9th, he might finally get that long awaited call.

Andre has been here before, on the brink of stardom. Needing just that one great showing to prove that he is ready to take the UFC’s featherweight division by storm. While eager to show he belongs, Harrison understands that he can’t go crazy, just to try and impress. ” Ya know. First and foremost you have to win, ya know? I would rather win by decision than lose tryin to throw wildly just to try and get a knockout or force a submission and get caught and stuff like that. I’m definitely going to try and get the finish, but I’m not gunna force it.”

Listen to the full interview and hear Andre’s thoughts on living with UFC fighter Randy Brown, staying with his original team in Long Island, and his hopes to one day fight Clay Guida. Watch Andre ” The Bull” Harrison fight this Friday Sepember 9th, as he defends his Featherweight title against submission expert Alexandre Bezerra.