Invicta FC 25: Yana Kunitskaya Wins Bantamweight Title Against Raquel Pa’aluhi

Yana Kunitskaya
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Yana Kunitskaya defeated Raquel Pa’aluhi to become the Invicta FC bantamweight champion.

The two clinched early. Kunitskaya pushed her opponent against the fence. Pa’aluhi and Kunitskaya traded advantages in the grappling. A knee was there for Kunitskaya. She landed a left hand on the break.

Pa’aluhi took her opponent down. She got hit with an upkick. Pa’aluhi passed to side control. Blood poured from the nose of Pa’aluhi, who ended the round on her back.

A push kick from Kunitskaya opened the second stanza. A knee to the face was there for Kunitskaya. Pa’aluhi grabbed a leg, but couldn’t get a takedown. A right hand landed for Kunitskaya.

In the third round, Pa’aluhi landed a combination. She shot in for a takedown, but it was easily stuffed. Kunitskaya blocked a high kick. She stuffed another takedown and gained control in the clinch.

Kunitskaya was amped going into the fourth round. She connected with a push kick. Pa’aluhi landed some leg kicks. She was kneed to the body off a takedown attempt. Pa’aluhi was able to score a takedown late in the round. She couldn’t do much.

The final round began and Kunitskaya pushed Pa’aluhi against the cage. Pa’aluhi went for a takedown, but she was reversed. The final bell rang and Kunitskaya was crowned the new Invicta FC bantamweight champion.

Final Result: Yana Kunitskaya def. Raquel Pa’aluhi via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)