Israel Adesanya Believes Ulterior Motive Behind Jones’s Attacks

Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones have been taking part in a war of words for months now, including this week when Jon Jones launched a series of tweets directed at the native Nigerian. And now, Adesanya has again fired back.

In Jones’s tweets earlier this week, he claimed that if the two were to eventually fight, he would make Adesanya his “absolute bitch” in addition to other statements. When asked why Jones always had such strong reactions to Adesanya, The Style Bender theorized that it all stems from a high-school mentality:

“When the freshman comes in and starts taking all the shine, the senior is like, ‘Oh, who’s this mother fucker? This other skinny black kid that’s taking all the shine? When he was the one doing that in the first place,” Adesanya said in a recent UFC 243 media scrum. “Then, he fucked himself up by fucking around and tarnishing his own legacy.  And I’m just doing me. So I just have to keep doing me, and they can keep hating, all of them.”

Adesanya would then directly respond to Jones’s comment that he would make Adesanya his “absolute bitch’ if the two were to fight, holding that there is an ulterior motive behind Jones’s rhetoric:

 “That’s what he has to say to make himself feel good,” Adesanya said. “That’s what he has to say to pump himself up. He’s a legend. He’s already a living legend. But I’m on my way there as well. And, yeah, he has to say whatever he has to say to jeer himself up, and I do the same thing. I have my own little witchcraft I do to get myself up for fights.

“Eventually, we’ll fight. I’ve already set the date; I’ve set the stadium; I’ve put this all in line.”

What are your thoughts on this latest exchange between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones?