Jack Hermansson Expects To Finish Jared Cannonier In The First Round (Interview)

Jack Hermansson
Image Credit: Jesper S. Baek

Jack Hermansson will take on Jared Cannonier in the main event of UFC Copenhagen. It is a pivotal middleweight bout where the winner can make their claim for a title shot.

For Hermansson, he is confident that he will get his hand raised and will finish Jared Cannonier in the first round.

“I see myself finishing the fight in the first round,” Hermansson said to MMA News. “Just get this win, and enjoy it in front of the home crowd and move on to the next goal.”

How he finishes the fight may be different than many expect. Hermansson knows taking down Cannonier will be tough, and doesn’t expect to get a takedown. So, he is confident in his striking and pressure.

“I would love to have this fight on the ground. But, I think Jared is really solid and hard to take down so I don’t count on it,” he explained. “I do have a proper game plan to work on my feet as well and ready to do that. Should an opportunity come, for sure I will take him down. I’m prepared on the feet as well.”

If he does win this fight, a title shot may be near. However, all signs point to Paulo Costa being next in line. But, Jack Hermansson knows if he can do something spectacular at UFC Copenhagen he could very well jump the queue.

“Yeah, I really believe so. He is up there with a lot of hype and a lot of attention. He is a great fighter and very entertaining to watch so I know he is in a very strong position right now,” he said. “I need something spectacular to bypass as you say. My time will come.”

If Costa is indeed next in line, Jack Hermansson has a decision to make on whether or not he would wait for the winner or take another fight. He says he likes to be active, but his motivation is the title shot.

“Yeah, of course, that is my main goal, my motivation. That is why I do this right now. I’m going for the title and it is always on my mind,” Hermansson said. “I would take a title fight anytime, I would do it in 30 minutes if they asked me to.”

Another way Jack Hermansson could get a title shot is by going to Australia and serving as the backup fighter. Although the title fight is the next weekend, if he can get out of this fight early with no damage, it is a very real possibility.

“I would just go if they told me I can be a reserve fighter if someone gets injured or can’t make weight,” he said.

In the end, for all that to happen, Jack Hermansson will need to beat Jared Cannonier at UFC Copenhagen which is easier said than done.

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