Jimi Manuwa: ‘I Don’t Buy Into Any of That Trash Talking & Sh*t’

Jimi Manuwa reportedly
Jimi Manuwa (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Jimi Manuwa isn’t interested in laying down some World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) style trash talking.

Manuwa isn’t exactly a target when it comes to verbal assaults. That changed a bit when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight title holder Daniel Cormier took some jabs at the “Poster Boy” during his post-fight UFC 210 interview.

Cormier also took aim at his heated rival Jon Jones during the interview. Champions.co recently caught up with Manuwa to get his thoughts on the beef between Cormier and Jones:

“They’re trying to sell the fight, but it’s just trash talking—WWE s*it and that. We all know they don’t like each other, but it is what it is, you know. I don’t buy into any of that trash talking and s*it. I just let my fighting do the talking—I don’t put up with trash talk and I respect all the athletes.”

Having said that, Manuwa claims he wouldn’t have any trouble dishing out some pain if he was pushed to do so.

“Trust me, if anyone says anything, I always come back with full force and that. That’s why I don’t do any trash talking. I take this seriously, and I know myself and I know what my temper is like. I prefer face-to-face confrontation, so I like to keep calm and let my fighting do the talking—legally.”