Joe Rogan Criticizes UFC’s Lack Of Building Prospects

Joe Rogan says
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Joe Rogan believes the UFC can do a better job at letting rising stars grow.

Much has been made over Darren Till’s next bout. Till will go one-on-one with Kelvin Gastelum in his first middleweight bout under the UFC banner. Many have criticized the booking as UFC president Dana White had previously said that Till was pushed too soon by the promotion. White would say that Till insisted on taking the fight.

Joe Rogan Takes UFC To Task Over Building Prospects

During a new edition of the Joe Rogan Experience, the UFC color commentator said that the promotion he works for has some work to do with prospects (via Bloody Elbow).

“(In boxing) managers dictate who the fighters fight, and they do build their fighters up correctly. One of the things that bother me about MMA, is I think there’s some really good young fighters that get ruined,” Rogan said. “They get thrown to the wolves too quickly, they wind up getting their confidence shattered, they get knocked out when they shouldn’t be, they’re fighting a caliber of fighter they’re not prepared for.

“There’s always the argument for a guy like Jon Jones, youngest ever UFC champion,” Rogan said. “For every Jon Jones, there’s a guy who is coming up that maybe could have been a world champion, but didn’t get managed correctly. The UFC doesn’t give you options. They say ‘hey, you want to fight Kamaru Usman? Okay, here’s your fight. This is it.’”