Coach: Conor McGregor Has Made Mistakes That I Absolutely Don’t Condone

Conor McGregor John Kavanagh
Image Credit: Sportsfile/Corbis via Getty Images

Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh admits that he isn’t thrilled with some of his fighter’s antics.

McGregor is widely regarded as the biggest star in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but some believe the shine is fading. The notion doesn’t so much boil down to his submission loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov as it does his legal issues. McGregor has been arrested for attacking a fighter bus and smashing a fan’s cellphone. He’s being sued by fellow UFC fighter Michael Chiesa and is reportedly under investigation for sexual assault in Ireland.

Kavanagh Doesn’t Condone McGregor’s Actions

Kavanagh was a guest on an Irish talk show, “The Late Late Show.” During his appearance, Kavanagh admitted that he isn’t a fan of McGregor’s legal troubles (via

“I do [care], I absolutely do. [I care about] the perception of the sport; it’s been around before Conor and it’ll be around after he’s finished with it. I do think, myself and everyone in Ireland that’s involved in MMA, we’re hugely thankful for what Conor has done. He shone a huge light on what we did…but he has made mistakes that I absolutely don’t condone. I know he regrets them, he’s paid for them, he’s trying to learn from them and he’s trying to move on.

“I hope we go back to doing the positive things; the goal setting, the work ethic, going for something that seems impossible. Those are the qualities I love in Conor, that I love talking about when I’m in the kids’ classes…I’m conscious of the fact that I need to set a good example for them and I know Conor does as well. That’s what I want to get back to…the many, many positive qualities that he has.”

Do you think Conor McGregor’s downfall has begun?