Jon Jones: Stipe Miocic Deserves DC Rematch

Daniel Cormier Jon Jones
Image Credit: Getty Images

Jon Jones knows a thing or two about Daniel Cormier rematches, and he believes Daniel Cormier should have the third rematch of his MMA career, this time against former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. The reason for this echoes what Miocic has been saying since losing the championship: he deserves it.

“I do. I do,” Jones told Helen Yee Sports when asked if Stipe Miocic deserves a rematch. “You know, Stipe’s done so much for the heavyweight division. He’s been exciting. He’s finished a lot of fights. And to have it end so fast and not really give him a chance to really show up and show what he can do, I’m sure he feels like he was robbed. And it’d be great to see a rematch. Yeah.”

Stipe Miocic has been campaigning for a rematch practically from the instant he lost the title to Daniel Cormier at UFC 226. Daniel Cormier has maintained that he will face Miocic next should his fight with Brock Lesnar not materialize; however, at the moment, Cormier is currently sidelined with injuries. As for Jon Jones fighting Cormier next at heavyweight, he has been pretty consistent as of late on what it will take for him to move up and challenge DC for the heavyweight strap:

“If the fans want to see it (at heavyweight) bad enough, the UFC will make it happen for me financially,” Jones told the LA Times. “If they don’t, it will always be something that’s coulda, shoulda, woulda. Sending me against one of the best fighters ever, and making me sacrifice being smaller than him, they have to make it make sense financially. Because, at 2-0 against him, I have nothing to prove. The pressure’s on Daniel. I’m the GOAT of this generation. He knows it. And the fans know that.”

Whom would you rather see Daniel Cormier fight next at heavyweight? Stipe Miocic or Jon Jones?