Jon Jones Scoffs at Cormier Being in GOAT Conversation

Jon Jones Daniel Cormier
Image Credit: Getty Images

As we begin to draw closer to UFC 226, one of the questions put forth is what a win would do for the legacy of Daniel Cormier. After all, a win over Stipe Miocic would make Cormier a dual champion in the two heaviest weight classes, along with an undefeated record at heavyweight and only one official loss on his record. On an appearance on Michael Bisping’s “Believe You Me” podcast, earlier this year, Cormier made the case for himself:

If I can go and accomplish this thing that’s so rare and so far left, yes, I should be in the conversation,” Cormier said. “But not only one of the greatest to do it, the greatest to ever do it. Not just one of, but the conversation for the best fighter of all time. I truly believe that, because it’s such a massive accomplishment.”

Earlier today, the UFC released a sound bite with Cormier stating that for him to still be earning W’s at 39 years of age at this level, he should be put in the GOAT conversation. Well, there was somebody eavesdropping on this conversation, and he could not resist butting in. That somebody is the man who, prior to his most recent failed drug test, was making it increasingly difficult to argue against his status as the GOAT, and is the 1 in Daniel Cormier’s 20-1. That man, of course, is Jon “Bones” Jones:

Of course, the elephant in the room is why many are so quick to bypass the loss Cormier suffered to Jones, which is a result of a common public perception that if you fail a drug test, not only did you cheat, but you have likely cheated for your entire career. Those who do not prescribe to this assumption, however, may find it hard to wrap their head around how Daniel Cormier could be the GOAT when Jon Jones holds a victory over him and has never suffered defeat. After Jones finished intruding on this conversation, he made it known how eager he is to get back to competition so that he can continue backing up his talk:

The date of Jon Jones’s USADA hearing for his failed UFC 214 drug test is still yet to be announced. So for the time being, Jones will have to continue being on the outside listening in on the conversations about today and all-time until the time comes when he is able to butt in the conversation once again not with talk, but with violence.

Do you believe a win over Stipe Miocic puts Daniel Cormier in the GOAT discussion despite his loss to Jon Jones?