Jorge Masvidal Explains Why He Struck Leon Edwards Following UFC London

Jorge Masvidal
Image Credit: James Chance/Getty Images

Jorge Masvidal has quickly addressed what happened backstage at UFC London.

Masvidal earned a massive knockout victory over Darren Till earlier today (March 16). “Gamebred” was a slight underdog in the fight and was in enemy territory. After the fight, Masvidal made it clear that he wanted a title bout, but Leon Edwards attempted to goad “Gamebred” backstage. The result was ugly.

Masvidal Gives Reason For Punching Edwards

During Masvidal’s interview with Laura Sanko, Edwards and “Gamebred” got into a verbal exchange. Masvidal approached “Rocky” and fired off punches. At least one of those strikes landed as Edwards suffered a cut. Masvidal explained to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto why he struck Edwards:

“He’s one of these hooligans man. He’s like talking crap on social media. I seen him here. Doesn’t really address me as a man. I wanted to talk to him kinda and he’s just like dodging me. And like, whatever we can handle it after the fight. So I’m doing my interview and this hooligan comes by saying some stuff. ‘July you’ll get your ass kicked’ or ‘July, July.’ And I go, ‘maybe bro, whatever because maybe I wanna kick your ass in April. Maybe I don’t wanna wait until July. Maybe I don’t even want to fight you in a prize ring because you’re not worth a training camp. I’ll just fight you here because you’re a scrub.’

So I tell him to just say it to my face like a man. You’re saying it walking away. That’s not like … we’re both men, you know? And as I’m walking up to him I got my hands behind my back to signal ‘I’m not coming here for problems.’ But he puts his hands up like this [puts both fists up] and he walks towards me. Well, where I’m from if you do that you’re gonna punch me in the face and that’s not gonna happen. You’re a f*cking dork, you’re a JV beta. You are what you are bro. You’re just a loser in life man, you’re not gonna get a hit off me. So I had to give him the three-piece with a soda and then just glide out of there.”

Do you think Jorge Masvidal went too far or was he simply protecting himself?