Kelvin Gastelum Says He Won’t Underestimate Darren Till At UFC 244

Kelvin Gastelum
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Kelvin Gastelum doesn’t plan to let the perception of Darren Till fool him.

Much has been made over the announced middleweight match-up between Gastelum and Till. The two are set to collide on Nov. 2 at UFC 244. The timing of the bout is what has many puzzled as UFC president Dana White said Till may have been pushed by the promotion too soon. Now, Till is taking his first middleweight bout under the UFC banner against one of the division’s elite fighters.

Gastelum Doesn’t Plan to Overlook Till

Speaking to reporters during a media scrum backstage at UFC 242, Gastelum said that fight fans have forgotten just how good Till is.

“Everybody likes the fight but everybody keeps saying, ‘you’re gonna smash him, you’re gonna smash him.’ But like guys, Till’s more dangerous than everybody thinks. He’s coming off two losses. A year ago we were just saying, everybody was on him. A year ago and now everybody’s like, ‘oh he’s nothing.'”

Gastelum admits that sometimes he gets lost in the hoopla, but feels he’ll be centered and focused on the task at hand come fight night.

“Yeah it’s easy reading the comments, cause I do go through the comments in the comments section and like, ‘oh Gastelum’s got it, he’s gonna knock him out. He’s gonna do this. Gastelum 100 percent.’ And I’m like, ‘yeah, yeah they’re right. I think they’re right.’ But you have to kinda check yourself and realize, this is a dangerous guy. He’s a dangerous fighter.”

UFC 244 will take place inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. In the main event, welterweights Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will collide.