Kevin Lee Expects to See Younger Brother On Contender Series

Kevin Lee
Image Credit: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

If all goes according to Kevin Lee’s plan, there will be another Lee for the UFC contingent to contend with.

Speaking with James Lynch, Kevin Lee spoke highly of little brother, 21-year-old Keith Lee (3-2), and believes that Keith is worthy of a spot on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series and ultimately expects it to happen:

“Hands down, he’ll be on it. I would like to personally see him get one more before going into the Contender Series, just because when he does, I know he’s going to make a big statement. It’s only going to take him one fight in the Contender Series, and everybody will kind of be hip to it. So right now, it’s still about building that experience before it gets too big. Especially with him being my brother, they’re really going to push him…and with him being at his talent level, too, he’s going to get a big push.”

It is great to see an older brother acting as a positive role model for his younger sibling and having strong faith in him as the fledgling young adult makes his way into the unforgiving jungle of MMA. But with only five fights of experience and coming off a loss, it may take a while before big brother’s vision is shared with UFC fans on a Tuesday night and beyond. And though Lee disagrees with the judges’ decision in Keith’s split-decision loss in March, he feels the experience will help the younger Lee in the long run:

“I still thought that he won the fight hands down. I think everybody that sees that fight knows that he won that fight hands down. You go back and you look at all the numbers, you talk about 12 takedowns versus 0. You talk about outlanding him on kicks, actually hurting him two times with head kicks, and you look at the punches…I don’t know what those judges were really looking for. The kid was pressing forward, but he was getting dotted up the whole time and taken down. So I think it’s going to be a great learning experience for Keith to know really when to put the stamp on it.”

You can view the entire interview below:

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