Kimbo Slice Says He’s Going To Break Ken Shamrock’s Jaw And Retire Him

Kimbo Slice made it clear that he plans to retire UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock when the two meet inside the Bellator cage next Friday night in St. Louis, Missouri.

Slice, who was originally scheduled to meet Shamrock in the now defunct EliteXC promotion back in 2008 when an accidental cut to Shamrock forced the fight to be canceled on the day of the show.

On the latest edition of the “Ross Report” podcast with WWE Hall Of Fame announcer and one-time MMA announcer Jim Ross, Kimbo spoke about the upcoming Bellator 138 main event fight.

“Shamrock is still a threat to me,” said Slice. “He’s still considered deadly and dangerous to break limbs and submit somebody. I’m just not that motherf***er he’s going to submit. I’m just not that guy he’s going to tap out. It’s not going to happen with me. It’s in my DNA to beat his ass.

“I’ve worked my mind and my body to train for this fight with Shamrock. From back in the day, from many years ago we trained for this fight. This fight isn’t going to go the distance.”

Although he was incorrect with the age of every example he gave, Kimbo pointed out that he is not underestimating Shamrock because of his age (51).

“A lot of people … not a lot of people, actually, just a select few normally just talk about the age as if it’s a f***ing factor and it’s not,” said Slice. “Bernard Hopkins is the man at 52 years old [actually 50]. The head coach at American Top Top, Ricardo Liborio, he’s over 50 [actually 47] and can f***ing can anybody. Even these prize fighters that fight for the UFC and like myself in Bellator, he can’t be touched.

“Royce Gracie, over 50 [48], a f***ing threat, still. Mike Tyson, 50 [48], a threat. So don’t underestimate a guy because of that. You’re still as strong as you were when you’re in your thirties, you’re just a couple years wiser, a couple years older. That doesn’t change s**t.”

Kimbo then went into details on how he envisions the fight playing out next Friday.

“Ken is going to try this s**t,” said Slice. “We know he is. I’m expecting him to. I want him to. I’m daring him to. I’m almost double dog daring this guy to try to do a takedown or shoot in. What could he do to get me to the ground that I am not prepared for? I’m almost anticipating the takedowns. Because of that, I’m going to impose my will and break his jaw in the first round.”

Kimbo concluded by guaranteeing that Shamrock will not have a career resurgance off of his name, in fact, he believes this will be Shamrock’s last fight.

“That’s not going to happen, said Slice. “I’m going to go ahead and end it. I’m going to end his career. That’s my plan, that’s my goal. I trained too hard for this. I waited too long for this fight. June 19 can’t come any faster.”

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