Kody Nordby is Looking to ‘Make Some Noise For The Belt’ After CES 42 (Exclusive)

Kody Nordby
Image Credit: CES MMA

Kody Nordby still has title aspirations with Classic Entertainment & Sports (CES) MMA.

This Friday night (March 31), Nordby will compete against David Baxter on the main card of CES 42. The “Norwegin Assassin” will be looking to extend his winning streak to three.

For this fight, Nordby will be fighting at flyweight. He told MMANews.com that he plans on challenging for the CES 125-pound gold after his fight with Baxter:

“After this fight, I’m gonna start making some noise for the belt. I was definitely a force winning five of my last six fights at 135. I was a force at 135, I don’t see why I can’t be a force, if not be the best at 125. After this fight, I’ll start making noise for the belt, see who wants to pop their head out and take a shot.”

Getting to a title shot may not be an easy task. Baxter has a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) record of 4-1 and has emerged victorious in two straight bouts as well. Nordby doesn’t appear to be fazed by his opposition.

“All in all, David’s a good dude as a person but as a fighter there’s levels to this stuff. I just really don’t think he’s on the level I am. He’s got no control over his opponent while he’s in the cage, which is very dangerous. His striking is subpar I think. Me and David agreed to keep this fight standing. So I’m gonna keep this fight standing and me and David are gonna bang it out.”

You can listen to the full interview below:

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