Leon Edwards Slams the UFC Rankings

Leon Edwards UFC Singapore
Image Credit: Paul Miller of USA TODAY Sports

Leon Edwards is on one of the largest winning streaks in the UFC, with seven consecutive wins to his name, yet he still somehow manages to be among the most frustrated fighters in the company. How can that be? It’s because even though Edwards has won seven straight, he remains tucked right outside the top 10 in the welterweight division:

“It’s a mad game,” Edwards told BJPenn.com. “It’s no more about fighting, it’s more about talkers, whoever talks the most gets the opportunities. I feel like that’s where the sport is going, it’s more like WWE now. You talk trash and you don’t have to perform well. There’s people losing that talk trash and they’re still above me [in the rankings]. It’s a mad game. All I can do is keep focusing on myself, keep chipping away, keep beating these guys they’re putting in front of me. I’m number one, so I’ll fight them all and I’ll beat them all.”

In Leon Edwards’s most recent outing, he defeated Gunnar Nelson via split decision at UFC London. Edwards then set his sights on Jorge Masvidal, especially after their backstage confrontation, only for Edwards to get denied the opportunity by UFC President Dana White:

“You got to think, before Masvidal beat Darren Till he was on a two-fight losing streak. Ever since he beat Darren Till, he moved to number 5 in the rankings and now he’s the best thing since sliced bread. It’s a weird sport we are in, to be on a 7-fight win streak and be pushed outside the top 10, I got people that are above me that are coming devastating losses, it doesn’t make sense to me one bit. I don’t feel this sport is more of a popularity contest now. It’s a mad game we are in and it’s just weird to me.”

Where do you believe Leon Edwards should be ranked right now in the welterweight rankings?