Lyoto Machida Breaks Silence on Bellator Signing


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As reported yesterday, long-time UFC veteran and former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida signed on with Bellator MMA in a sudden announcement. As the 40-year old Dragon embarks on his next, and perhaps final, chapter of his MMA career, he took to Instagram to speak to his supporters to share his thoughts on his new journey:

“Hello everyone, I’m here to announce a great change in my career,” Machida said. “My contract with UFC has finished, and I’m going to a new house: Bellator, which is a great MMA event that has been growing a lot here in the United States. I’m very grateful for everything that happened with me in the UFC.

“I’m very happy with everything I lived. I believe that everything in our lives is made of periods. All that comes is great and all that goes is also great. We have to be open to new changes, new challenges. This is how I think. My best regards to all of you, and I wish you keep on supporting me, because everytime I fight and everytime I practice, I do my best for all of you.”

The timing for Machida’s move seems fruitful for Machida, as his back-to back wins likely led to a more lucrative contract than if he had made the jump, say, on the three-fight losing skid prior to those wins, obviously. And his last bout, which featured a highlight-reel front kick of Vitor Belfort certainly didn’t hurt his value, either. We at MMA News wish the legendary Machida nothing but the best in this next chapter of his Hall-of-Fame career.

You can check out Machida’s Instagram video below:

How well do you think Lyoto Machida will fare in Bellator MMA?

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  1. TonganDeathGrip
    If bellator want to be taken seriously they need to poach a real contender from the UFC. At the moment it just looks like the place to go when you can't quite break into the top 5 in your division.
  2. Draven
    Bellator continues to grow with the influx of former UFC fighters. With Bader, Davis, Mousasi, Henderson and MacDonald already, how can one not take their product seriously?
  3. TonganDeathGrip
    Very simply. None of those have held UFC gold and only Henderson had a title over five years ago.
  4. Draven
    They don’t have to, it still a blow to the UFC product and their division of top contenders when Bellator steals their top guys. Rory was a contender who challenged for the title, Mousasi was nearing a title shot when he left, Henderson was and is still a top 5 lightweight nontheless while Bader and Davis were top contenders in their division. Four those guy have since held gold in Bellator while 3 of them are their current champs. They’re making Bellator more watchable than ever before now.