Mackenzie Dern Lost Fans After Announcing Pregnancy

Mackenzie Dern
Image Credit: Combate

You win some, you lose some. With a new addition on the way for Mackenzie Dern’s family, that has subtracted some of her fan base.

Mackenzie Dern is one of the brightest young stars in the UFC. At only 25 years old, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt has already impressed with a 7-0 record and four finishes. However, one of the biggest reasons for her rising stardom has been due to the lust of many of her fans. And as it turns out, Dern has discovered that they were never real fans at all after they bolted when Dern shared the news of her pregnancy, and Dern is happy to see them go:

“Many people say ‘she’s lucky because she’s pretty and the UFC likes her, gives her easy fights, and she can do whatever she wants,’ but it’s not like that,” Dern told MMA Fighting. “My fans… Actually, I lost many fans when I posted a picture with my husband announcing the pregnancy. But I like that it’s changing a bit. It’s no longer those fans that are looking a pretty girl fighting, but fans that really cheer for you during your daily battles and like you for what you do. That’s really cool. That really is motivating.”

But what is even more motivating, much more so, is the aforementioned new addition, which is enough to light a fire in anyone’s belly:

“It’s hard to maintain a good head, stay motivated,” Dern said. “When I found out about the pregnancy I said ‘wow, I want to come back and fight as soon as possible, I want to come back better than ever’. I want my child to be proud of me and give us a better life.”

And when Dern makes her return to the Octagon, she expects to have a different fan base waiting to cheer her on now:

“I hope I can serve as inspiration,” Dern said. “I think I’m gaining more followers among women now. It used to be more men before.”

What are your thoughts on many of Mackenzie Dern’s fans dashing for the door after learning of her pregnancy?

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