Matt “The Mangler” Bessette: “Put me in a Cage to the Death, and I’m Not Losing”

Matt Bessette

Matt Bessette “New England’s Most Popular Fighter” talks to MMA News’ Tim Thompson about his history of overcoming adversity, his hunger for finishing fights, and his refusal to fight again for Bellator.

Matt Bessette is a born fighter. “The Mangler” contracted leukemia the age of two and a half, before being cleared of leukemic cells at 11 , and despite this has gone on to enjoy a successful MMA career which has seen him become CES featherweight champion, having previously won the RF Lightweight Championship in October 2010.

Matt Bessette, who is riding a five-fight winning streak (of which no fights have gone past the 2nd round) defends his CES featherweight title Kevin Croom in the headlining bout of the AXS TV-broadcast event on Jan. 27 at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I.

Bessette’s discusses with Tim how he was introduced to MMA via UFC videos at the age of 21, and eventually decided to venture into the sport following a grappling match with his friend after watching old fights. when “one thing led to another”.

The man known as “New England’s Favorite Fighter” was simply born to fight. After spending “the first third” of his life in hospital, things did not start out well for the now 32 year old.

“There’s a reason why i have been fighting” said Bessette. I feed off adversity. I get better and smarter as fight goes on.
Put me in a cage to the death and i’m not losing.”

You can watch Matt defend his title against Croom on the AXS TV-broadcast event on Jan. 27 at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I.