Matt Hughes Suing Brother Over Tractor Dispute

UFC Hall Of Famer Matt Hughes is suing his brother over a dispute regarding a tractor, after Hughes recently had a restraining order placed on him by his wife and brother.

Matt Hughes
Fernando Quiles Jr., MMA News

UFC Hall Of Famer Matt Hughes has had a string of issues lately. He recently had a restraining order slapped on him by his wife and brother – each for separate incidents. Hughes’ twin brother claims that the former UFC champion roughed up his 15-year-old son over the ownership of a John Deere 8410 tractor.

According to MMA Junkie, Hughes is now suing his brother over the ownership of the tractor. The suit was filed on March 5 in Montgomery County (Ill.) circuit court. In a written statement attached to the court order, Mark Hughes claims his son was driving the tractor down a country road on September 23, 2018. Mark then says Matt “pulled his vehicle crossways in the road causing my son to have to bring the tractor quickly to a stop.

“Matt approached the tractor and when my son got out of the tractor to ask his uncle what he needed, Matt physically assaulted my 15-year-old son by grabbing him and shaking him, all the while telling him that it’s his (expletive) tractor.”

A nearby woman reportedly came to Mark’s son’s aid before Matt fled the scene. A week later, Mark found Matt’s truck backed up to the tractor at one of his farming fields. The tractor had gasoline poured on the fuel tank and the surrounding area. Matt fled to his home and was speaking to his wife:

“While I am not sure if my brother’s intent was to burn the tractor, merely running a diesel engine with gasoline in the tank will destroy the engine. I called my wife Emily and asked her to keep my brother at our house until I got there.

“When I got home, I met my brother in my driveway. While he denied everything, he had two empty five-gallon buckets in the back of his truck. The buckets smelled of gasoline. One of the buckets had the lid missing, and I later found the lid laying next to the tractor.”

Matt Hughes is also being accused of domestic abuse by his wife, who he recently filed for divorce from.

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