Floyd Mayweather Explains How Conor McGregor Avoided ‘Damage’ in Their Bout


It has been almost one month since Floyd Mayweather Jr. stopped Conor McGregor in the tenth round of their money-spinning bout in Las Vegas

Mayweather has been a constant presence on social media since the conclusion of the “Money Fight”, displaying the opulent fruits of his labor in that bout.

“Money” has also made a few TV appearances, even gracing The Steve Harvey Show with his presence in what was the first media obligation following the much-publicized fight. While showing no disdain towards the Irishman, Mayweather has preferred to discuss his retirement and plans for such.

In a recent appearance, the 40-year-old living legend discussed how he was grateful that the fight was stopped rather than seeing his opponent knocked out as a result of his punches:

“It’s two names in combat sports. It’s two names. Mayweather and McGregor. It’s two names…

He has a career. He still has a career. He’s still young. [Conor McGregor being knocked out would have been] very, very damaging. We have to think about these fighters.”