Mayweather vs. McGregor Ticket Prices Broken Down


Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor was undoubtedly the hottest event of 2017 but was not quite the mega spectacle some had expected it to be

That is according to a report from ESPN on ticket sales and numbers.

Fans looking to attend the “Money Fight” would have initially seen prices advertised between $500 to $10,000. A large number of those tickets, however, did end up on secondary sites such as StubHub (although the prices were greatly inflated). Demand for tickets saw a gradual decrease in value, with tickets falling around the mark of $1,300.

Although the all-time record gate of $72.2 million set by Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao in 2015 was not broken, although forecasts indicate that pay-per-view figures for Mayweather vs. McGregor look set to eclipse that fight.

MMAjunkie obtained the breakdown in gate revenue from the Nevada State Athletic Commission which can be viewed below:

Here’s the breakdown of ticket sales:

  • $10,000: 2,942 available
    2,254 sold
    29 complimentary
  • $7,500: 1,814 available
    1,145 sold
    18 complimentary
  • $5,000: 4,737 available
    3,183 sold
    22 complimentary
  • $3,500: 3,233 available
    1,601 sold
    68 complimentary
  • $2,500: 2,735 available
    2,716 sold
    0 complimentary
  • $1,500: 1,809 available
    1,781 sold
    0 complimentary
  • $500: 428 available
    414 sold
    0 complimentary

Total tickets sold and complimentary: 13,231

Total live gate: $55,414,865.79