McGregor Bus Attack Accomplice Cian Cowley Re-Signed By Brave CF

The Irish Sun

Conor McGregor wasn’t the only one punished for his bus attack in New York in April. Fellow mixed martial artist Cian Cowley also took part in the action at the Barclays Center during UFC media day. McGregor smashed a dolly through one of the fighter buses, shattering glass that cut fighters inside the bus.

Several fights on the UFC 223 card that weekend were canceled or affected. McGregor and Cowley turned themselves in to local authorities several hours later. They were later released on $50,000 and $25,000 bonds, respectively. Both men eventually came to plea deals.

MMA Fighting has confirmed that Cowley has been retained by his current promotion, Brave CF. The promotion made the announcement during their Brave 16 broadcast. It was also announced Cowley will make his return at the Brave 18 event in November. His opponent has yet to be named. Cowley is 1-1 in his MMA career and is a former multiple-time Muay Thai champion.

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