McGregor Predicts Left Uppercut Will KO Diaz

Not only has Conor McGregor been able to predict the round he will finish opponents, he has recently been predicting the type of fashion in which he will finish a fight. The Irishman was successful in his prediction of knocking out Jose Aldo and said that the Brazilian would “overextend” with his right hand and that he would clip him with his left.

Media pundits have been eager to know what McGregor thinks of Diaz and how he would be able to beat him. McGregor said in a recent interview that he feels that Diaz is “too predictable” and that his style is limited.

“He’s in a set pattern, it’s hampered him” McGregor said. “I feel his body will be ripped through shreds. . . I feel like the left uppercut will be a nice one. . . My left uppercut will pin him clean.”

McGregor has been able to use his left uppercut to knockout Marcus Brimage in his UFC debut back in 2013 so it is a weapon in his arsenal.

Here is the full interview posted by “Fancy MMA”:


What do you think? Will ‘Mystic Mac’ be right once again?