Michael Bisping Slams ‘Mentally Challenged’ Luke Rockhold, Open to Trilogy Fight

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Michael Bisping is interested in a third fight against Luke Rockhold.

The former middleweight champion has been dancing around taking another fight before retiring but a showdown against Rockhold might be just the matchup that would keep him interested in competing again.

Rockhold has said that he will likely move to light heavyweight for his next fight unless he can draw Bisping into a trilogy after they split the first pair of bouts between them.

Of course, Bisping rarely misses a chance to take a shot at Rockhold, which is exactly what he did when talking about a potential third fight on his “Believe You Me” podcast.

“I respect everybody, but he sounds mentally challenged whilst talking,” Bisping said about Rockhold. “This guy is out of his mind. I feel sorry for him. Listen, I don’t dislike Luke Rockhold. I pity the guy. Of course he doesn’t want my pity, but when I look at him, when you hear him talk, he has a problem. I don’t think I deserve or I want to remove any more of his brain cells. Because he looks good.

“I will officially say this — if the deal is correct, then yeah, I’ll knock him out again, no problem.” ~ Michael Bisping

“He’s a model for Ralph Lauren, God bless him. But I knocked him out. David Branch nearly knocked him out. Yoel Romero knocked him out. You would think he wouldn’t want to get knocked out again. But I’ll tell you this, I will officially say this — if the deal is correct, then yeah, I’ll knock him out again, no problem.”

Rockhold also suggested the possibility of a third fight with Bisping taking place at light heavyweight instead of both competitors cutting down to 185 pounds.

Bisping wouldn’t mind having a final fight where he wasn’t forced to diet and cut as much weight, but that would be catering to Rockhold and that’s the last thing he’d ever want to do.

“I might just, for the sake of annoying Luke Rockhold, say, ‘Let’s do it at 185 [pounds],’” Bisping said. “I don’t want to go to 185 either, I really don’t. Just to annoy him I might say 185.

“I didn’t want to diet either. He doesn’t want to diet. But to annoy him, I might just say, ‘Let’s do 185.’ Because he’s a bigger guy than me.”

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