Michael Bisping Tells Jorge Masvidal To ‘Get A Life’

Michael Bisping has no interest in fighting Jorge Masvidal

Michael Bisping
Image Credit: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Michael Bisping has been the topic of discussion lately, as he toys with the idea of retirement. After two disappointing back to back losses, Bisping is unsure whether he will fight again and receive the send-off that he deserves.

Throughout this uncertainty, numerous UFC fighters have put their name forward to fight Michael Bisping. One of these fighters is UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal. Masvidal and Bisping have had issues ever since Michael Bisping ripped up a Cuban flag during Yoel Romero’s interim middleweight bout against Robert Whittaker at UFC 213. Masvidal, who is part Cuban, took serious offence to this.

On a recent episode of The MMA Hour, The fighter known as “Gamebred” spoke to Ariel Helwani about his recent altercation with Michael Bisping. According to Masvidal, Bisping flipped him off at UFC Shanghai and he had to be held back by UFC officials.

“Like always, he cowered out, just like he did in New York, got inside the elevator talking numerous sh*t,”.

Michael Bisping responded to Jorge Masvidal’s comments during an episode of the Believe You Me podcast. Bisping seemed unfazed by Masvidal’s recent comments, and he shut down the idea of fighting Masvidal in a grudge match.

“I find the guy pathetic, I really do,” Bisping continued. “Get a life, get a grip. I honestly don’t even want to give him this much time but Ariel has a big show, a lot of people watch The MMA Hour so I kind of feel like I have to put my side out there. Anyway, Jorge, forget I exist. Keep my name out of your mouth, and I’ll do the same. I’m not lowering myself to your level.

“I’m 39 years old with three kids, you think I’m interested in trying to fight with somebody that honestly I don’t even know. Do I care for him? No, I don’t. Do I respect him? Obviously not. He handles himself like a piece of s**t but I’m not interested in trying to fight Jorge Masvidal, whether it’s in the UFC, in a parking lot, whatever it is. Just move on with your life, focus on your UFC career – you’re dwindling UFC career. He’s lost fights at lightweight for crying out loud. I used to fight at light heavyweight, I’m a middleweight, I certainly don’t go looking for fights against lightweights. So get a grip, Jorge Masvidal.”

It’s clear that Michael Bisping has no interest in fighting Jorge Masvidal, but these comments won’t stop Masvidal from trying. The idea of Bisping fighting in the Octagon again is becoming more and more unlikely. Rumours have circulated about a fight between returning MMA legend Nick Diaz and Michael Bisping, but nothing has been confirmed.

Whatever the outcome, Michael Bisping will be sorely missed in the UFC.

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