Michael Page on Paul Daley: “I Think He’s an Absolute P**sy”

Michael Page on Paul Daley
Image Credit: Bellator MMA

Michael Page isn’t one to mince words.

It’s no secret that Page and Paul Daley have developed a bitter feud. The two were once friends, but those days are long gone. It’s gotten to the point where Daley charged at Page in the crowd following his bout with Rory MacDonald. “Semtex” says that this stems from Page mentioning his mother on a major podcast.

Michael Page On Paul Daley: “I Think He’s An Absolute P**sy”

MMANYTT caught up with Page, who said he can’t wait to go one-on-one with Daley:

“I hate the guy, I don’t like him at all. I think he’s an absolute p****, d***head, what ever other disrespectful word you want to put in there, just throw it in, I don’t like him. I’ve got zero respect for him and especially the way he’s gone about this. Literally, like I said, when this first all came about I spoke to you about this before, it’s purely because he started badmouthing me, or just being disrespectful. I know he’s a bit of a character and a bit of a loudmouth, but I find it funny how he’s never said it whilst I’ve been sat next to him. I don’t think I’d even be that annoyed if he was sat next to me being the Paul Daley that I’ve seen before and he was running his mouth. At least then it was on even ground and I get a chance to respond. When you’re just doing it randomly on other peoples websites, it’s uncalled for and unnecessary. I thought we had different respect levels, but I’ve got zero respect for him. I can’t wait to take his head off.”

“MVP” is likely to get his wish. Page and Daley recently signed new Bellator contracts. They will both participate in the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix.

Do you think Michael Page vs. Paul Daley will live up to the hype?