Fighter’s Mom Slaps Him After Brutal Loss At Fight Nights Global 67

Losing is hard in any sport. Losing in MMA is especially difficult, given you’re often left bruised and bloodied on the canvas. So Viktor Kichigin was definitely having a bad night at Fight Nights Global 67. His mom slapping him after the fight probably didn’t help matters.

That’s right. His mother slapped him after he lost. The ‘Lion of Pyatigorsk’ had just lost his third bout out of his last five. The twenty-two year old featherweight was actually being cleaned up by dear old mom when she gave him the business. Prior to that, she’d been flat out losing it while the bloodied Kichigin was being choked out.

Worse, when he tried to leave the cage, she tried to stop him from leaving.

Here’s another view:

There’s a lesson to be learned here. Don’t let mom manage your career, and don’t ever let her come in the cage.